Interested in participating in some ASMR research?

The following members of ASMR Research & Support and ASMR University have teamed up on a collaborative ASMR research project:

  • Karissa Burnett, team member of
  • Jennifer Allen, founder of
  • Craig Richard, founder of

They have created an online survey about ASMR that has been reviewed and approved by two institutional research ethics committees (due to the sensitive nature of some of the questions, the survey has only been approved for those 18 years or older).

The data from this study is likely to be the first published, global, demographic study about ASMR.

The survey is not only for those who experience ASMR, but it also for those who don’t experience ASMR or may not even know if they do experience ASMR. Comparing these different groups of people will help us to understand ASMR even better.

You can learn more about this project, and follow updates about this project at and/or

So feel free to take this survey, and also to share the link below with others – more responses will result in more accurate and meaningful data.

Survey available at: